News & Notes

 About Timothy Boyles, ASCAP

After many years of experience in the music, recording, photography and video business, I am seeking a way to combine all of the above.  This would be my way of doing just that.  I have had the great opportunity to spend time as a solo piano performer, band leader, keyboard specialist, recording studio owner, recording engineer, music composer, video producer, and teacher.  In my Blog I will go into detail with some of my experiences in those areas.  My goal now is to keep up with the technology and supply new material in the production of music and photography.  

Piano Lessons

     A major change in Piano Lessons due to the health issues in our country.  As of April 1, 2020 I will be teaching all levels of Piano online.  I use the app  I have a multi-camera setup in my studio so you will be able to see closeup views of the keyboard as well as views of music, charts, YouTube videos and demonstrations.  For a free valuation and setup lesson please e-mail me at  Thanks, Tim