Welcome to the Musical Moods website.  Since 1983 I have provided custom music for Local and National Network Television, Radio Commercials, Infomercials, Shopping Malls, Political Campaigns, and More.  Over the years I gained the experience of working with Producers and Directors of National Network Television and was able to supply them with Bumpers, Underscores and Theme music to enhance Weather Maps, Sports Scores and Special News Events for Local and Network Television.  I learned over the years the importance of setting the Mood for every occasion.  The goal of this website is two-fold.  First, to showcase some of my library of Original Music.  I will do this in combination with photography and video to further set the mood.  Second, to entertain you with my YouTube Channel.  You will find it to be informative as well as background for your many moods.  Be sure to take advantage of signing up for all of my free programs and subscriptions.  Thank you for taking the time to listen and enjoy the music of many moods.  Tim